Phaneng – A journey into Personal Engagement photography exhibition, Chennai

tai phake community photography exhibition coverage

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Recently visited the Phaneng – A journey into personal engagement, an photo & art exhibition. It featured the photography works of Samar Singh Jodha, a award-winning photographer and installation artist who has been using photography and film to address various issues like development, human rights, and conservation. It showcased Tai Phake tribe community in Phaneng, a small village in upper Assam who are in the verge of extinction. The structure of the exhibition serves as a metaphoric journey through the darkening world of Phaneng’s tribal inhabitants, who live in close proximity to modern coal mining projects that are slowly swallowing their forests and way of life. As the entire photo exhibition was show cased in a dark environment, all the visitor have been provided with an yellow headlight helmet to navigate and experience inside the photo show.

Check out and enjoy our photo captures of Phaneng: A journey into personal engagement photography exhibition by the Samar Singh Jodha at Gallery Veda, Chennai.


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