Ramar Patham Temple in Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham in Rameswaram – Temple to see the feet imprint of Lord Sri Rama – Visit, Travel Guide

ancient & famous lord jai shri ram's temple


Ramar Padam Temple near Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana Paruvatham in Rameswaram – The temple to see the foot imprint of Lord Sri Rama – Visit, Travel Guide

– ancient & famous lord jai shri ram’s temple

Ramar Patham / Ramar Paatham / Ramar Padam / Ramar Padham temple is an ancient Lord Rama hilltop temple located on a sandy hillock named Gandha Madhana Parvatham in Kendhamana paruvatham, Rameswaram. This temple is just at a distance of 2 KMS near the famous Lord Ramanathaswamy temple – Lord Shiva temple in Rameswaram and it’s 30 minutes from Dhanushkodi.

At this temple, Lord Jai Sriram’s feet imprint is worshipped by the devotees. The Ramar Patham, literally means the feet imprint of Lord Rama. Ramar Patham temple is the highest altitude point on Rameswaram Island.

History of Ramar Patham / Ramar Patham Temple near Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham in Rameswaram:

Ramar Patham is a historical significate place where Lord Rama and his army were resting and planning their journey to Sri Lanka. This place is also mentioned in the great Ramayana.

And it’s also the same place where Lord Hanuman took a long leap towards Sri Lanka from this hill in search of Goddess Sita.

At this temple, Lord Rama’s feet are imprinted on the chakra in the sanctum at the premises of the temple. We need to climb around 25 steps to reach this temple.

Ramar Padham offers a spectacular panoramic view of the entire Rameshwaram island, we can feel a wonderful cool breeze of air when we climb the upper floor of mandapam. This is the highest altitude of Rameswaram the view of the entire island and the sea from the top of this place is mesmerizing.

From this temple, we can have a clear view of the surrounding sea, Dhoordharsan Tower, Ramanatha Swamy Temple, and the lighthouse. Each day thousands of devotees visit this temple, while they visit to Lord Ramanathaswamy temple. This is a must-visit place during the Rameshwaram trip.

There are other shrines too which are located nearby such as Lord Hanuman Temple and Sukreevar Teertham. Many visitors come here in the mornings and evenings to see the shimmering sunrise and sunset over beautiful landscapes.

Travel Tips for Ramar Patham Temple near Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham in Rameswaram :

Address: Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 623526

Entry fee: Free
Ramar Patham Temple Timings: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

How To Reach Ramar Patham Temple near Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham in Rameswaram:

On-Road : Ramar Patham Temple is 2 kilometers away from Rameswaram main temple. Rameswaram is well connected by road a with other important cities. It is easily accessible. on the way to Rameswaram after crossing the great Pamban bridge, there is a board of village name Akkamadam, we have to take a direct left to it, the roads take us to Vivekananda memorial after few minutes of traveling.

Nearest Railway station: Nearest Railway station PAMBAN JN ( Station code PBM ), MANDAPAM (MMM), and RAMESWARAM ( Station code RMM).

Nearest Airport: 
The nearest airport is at Madurai, 163 kilometers from Rameswaram.

Check out and enjoy my photo captures of Ramar Patham Temple near Dhanushkodi, Gandha Madhana Parvatham, Kendhamana paruvatham in Rameswaram.





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