InKo Centre, with Producer Group DOT & supported by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), presents Fever -by Ambiguous Dance Company

Event Details:

InKo Centre, in association with Producer Group DOT and supported by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), is delighted to present Fever -by Ambiguous Dance Company. A spirited, sensory performance – dance, music, fashion reiterating the contemporary relevance of tradition.

‘Fever’ was produced to commemorate and celebrate the spirit of Korean tradition that is inevitably drifting a way. Beyond the reinterpretation of tradition, the production aims to examine the indigenous traces of Korea that continue to exist as an integral part of Korean society. Ambiguous Dance Company’s unique dance vocabulary aims to capture and convey a special heung (’joy’) which will resonate in the present day and well into the future. While aiming to infuse energy to all who live in the present age, the production aims to convey both passion and han (‘deep regret’) in order to re-invigorate and sustain interest in the traditions of Korean classical dance, music and fashion, with bold, contemporary strokes.

About Ambiguous Dance Company:

Ambiguous Dance Company was founded by choreographer Kim Boram and dancer Jang Kyeongmin in 2008. The name of the group describes the “undefinable and ambiguous” characteristics of their dance style. Escaping from genres and preconceptions, the group expresses what is in their hearts through bodily movement and music. Rather than focusing on delivering an artistic message or meaning, the Company intends to convey the true nature and purity of humanity, believing that the bodily expression of music and dance from the most accurate and authentic language of artistic expression.

About Boram Kim: Choreographer

Born in Korea, Boram Kim entered the field of contemporary dance unconventionally. Working as a back-up dancer for 10 years, he began to wonder about how dance speaks to the audience and with passion and ambition, he began to develop his own choreography.

Kim established his own dance company called Ambiguous Dance Company in 2007. Since its formation, he has created three works a year on average. To Kim, creating dance works helps excise uncertainties engrained within him. In the process of creation, stories and answers to these uncertainties are existentially and inherently revealed. Kim first begins this process by choosing music with which to work. Interpreting the music, movements begin to take form in his mind, intertwining with melodies and rhythms, like a shuttle weaving across a loom.

In Kim’s work, he seeks to return to the core of music and dance – pursuing sound before music itself and body movement before dance, through which one can find distinct musical interpretation. Boram Kim hopes to convey intimate communication, harmonizing music and dance.

About InKo Centre

InKo Centre is a registered, non-profit society supported primarily by TVS Motor Company Limited and Hyundai Motor India Limited; the Korean Association in Chennai and a host of Indian and Korean companies based in Chennai. The Centre works in close co-operation with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, New Delhi; the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai. InKo Centre, since its inception in 2006 works consistently with key organizations in Korea and in India, with an aim to build long-term sustainable intercultural partnerships between the two countries.

Event Date / Time:

Thursday, 25 March 2021 | Time : 6.00 p.m. IST

Location: Online


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