The Korean culinary series – Korean Cooking for Indian Homes

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InKo Centre, in association, with Korea Tourism Organization, is delighted to present The Korean culinary seriesKorean Cooking for Indian Homes– with delectable recipes that can easily be made in Indian homes.

Korean traditional cuisine or Hansik represents the metaphysical view of Koreans – the theory of yin and yang (representing earth and heaven respectively) and the interaction between the two resulting in dynamic energies represented by the five elements that make up the universe (i.e., water, fire, wood, metal and earth). The traditional Korean table consists of dishes of five colours, namely, green, red, yellow, white, and black, which represent the five elements and also the five tastes of spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. It is believed that a combination of dishes with these colours provides nutritional balance. A good example is bibimbap, which is rice mixed with assorted vegetables of different colours, egg and gochujang (red pepper paste). The main cooking techniques used by Koreans are grilling, boiling, pan-frying and steaming which do not use much so make the food healthy and easily digestible. The staple inclusions of cuisine Korean are Kimchi, Gochujang (Red Pepper Paste), Doenjang & Ganjang (Soybean Paste) (Soy Sauce).

Since ancient times, people in Korea, as indeed in India, have maintained a belief that food and medicine have the same origin and hence perform the same function, following the adage that ‘food is the best medicine’. With harvests from lush green rice paddies, sun-drenched tangerine orchards, and mountain valley chili pepper farms, Korean food exudes freshness. It delights the senses, invigorates the palate – and invites foodies to explore regional variations.

Korean Cooking for Indian Homes, a booklet prepared by the Korea Tourism Organisation, is intended as a guide for people who may want to try cooking Korean food at home. The recipes included in this book have been slightly modified to suit the Indian palate and availability of ingredients. All recipes included in this book have been sourced from – managed by the Korea Food Promotion Institute, a public institution established with the purpose of promoting and globalizing Korean food.

In an episodic series, we introduce 10 recipes that could easily be prepared in Indian homes. We begin with Beachu Kimchi (Cabbage Kimchi) and Japchae (Glass noodles with sautéed vegetables) with the recipe, cooking instructions and useful tips.


About Korea Tourism Organization:

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is a government organization representing Korea in the field of tourism and culture. It has offices all over the world. KTO, New Delhi, promotes Korea as a world class travel destination in India through joint promotions with travel agents, advertisements across all kinds of media, support extended to incentive groups and by providing information to tourists and travel agents about Korea. KTO, New Delhi also provides Indian travel agents with complimentary literature on tourism.

 About InKo Centre

InKo Centre is a registered, non-profit society supported primarily by TVS Motor Company Limited and Hyundai Motor India Limited; the Korean Association in Chennai and a host of Indian and Korean companies based in Chennai. The Centre works in close co-operation with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, New Delhi; the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai. Since its inception in 2006, the Centre has worked consistently with key organizations in Korea and in India, with an aim to build long-term sustainable intercultural partnerships between the two countries.  We showcase the entire range of performing and visual arts programmes that link key Indian and Korean artists and organisations in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We present regular programmes at our Centre as well as large-scale projects in association with partner organisations, at external venues, on a regular basis.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020 | Time: 6.00 p.m. IST

Location: Online



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