Iruttukadai Halwa Shop, Tirunelveli, Best & Famous Original Halwa Shop in the World – Travel Guide, Review

famous original tirunelveli halwa sweet shop photo coverage


Iruttukadai Halwa Shop, Tirunelveli, Famous & Best Original Halwa Shop in the World – Travel Guide, Review

– famous original tirunelveli halwa sweet shop photo coverage

CasualWalker’s Rating for Iruttukadai Halwa Shop, Tirunelveli:

9.8 – Great / Excellent

Recently visited the orginal Tirunelveli Iruttukadai Halwa Shop,  the best and world famous Halwa Shop in Tirunelveli. The mouth melting Iruttu Kadai Halwa prepared by wheat milk and pure ghee in a traditional way. There is no machine used to squeeze the milk from wheat and ghee also brought from local farmers. You can see the crispy coating on the halwa on next day which we cannot see on other types of halwa. This gives a different taste to Iruttu Kadai halwa. Uniqueness in taste could be mainly attributed to “Thamirabarani” river water.

The Tirunelveli Iruttukadai Halwa was established by a Rajasthan family about a century ago and still it is run by their own family. This shop doesn’t carry any name board or branding outside their shop. But still they are world popular for their mouth melting high-quality taste.

The shop takes its name from the dim light interiors, when the shop was started a century ago. The shop used to operate on Candlelight and hence the name “Iruttu Kadai” – which means “Dark Shop” in Tamil. as the shop was operated with minimal lighting.

Generally the Tirunelveli Iruttukadai Halwa Shop opens at 5:00 PM on every day and Halwa is pre-packed for sale. Usually gets sold out in about a couple of hours where people stand in a long queue to buy. The Shop is just opposite to the famous Nellaiappar siva Temple. The Shop is still with the classic wooden plank shutter.

The Tirunelveli Iruttukadai Halwa is available in 1kg and half kg packages.

To get the instant trail taste, we can also buy “leaf Halwa” from them for just INR 10, the delicious small quantity halwa rolled with a banana leaf.

How to Reach Thirunelveli Iruttukadai Halwa:

Shop is just Opposite Thirunelveli historical Nellaippar Temple

Address: No 140, N Car St, (Opposite to Nellaipar Temple) Tirunelveli Town, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627006
Timings: All days opens at 5 P.M, closes within couple of hours. Sunday Holiday.

On Road:  Thirunelveli City is well connected to roads of all other main cities.

On Train: Nearest Railway Station Tirunelveli Junction (Railway station Station code – TEN).

On Flight: Nearest Airport Thoothukudi Airport.

Check out and enjoy our photo captures of the original Iruttukadai Halwa Shop, Tirunelveli.

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