Indian Hindu Temple Architecture’s Evolution and Typology, an interesting & enlightening talk by Prof. Adam Hardy – Video

designs principles & processes of indian temple architecture


Evolution and Classification/Typology of Indian Hindu Temple Architecture, an interesting & enlightening talk by Prof. Adam Hardy – Video

– designs principles & processes of indian temple architecture

A very interesting and enlightening talk by Prof. Adam Hardy, a leading architectural historian, and professor of Asian Architecture, explains the Evolution, Typology, and the diverse traditions of Indian Temple Architecture. Indian temples represent one of the greatest architectural traditions of the world. They combine direct sensuous appeal with a highly complex formal structure.

In this speech, he explains the principles and processes underlying the designs of these temples, providing essential historical background and placing the architecture in its cultural and religious context. It traces the origins and formation of the two classical architectural ‘languages’ of India – the northern Nagara and southern Dravida – and their extraordinarily varied development during the great age of temple construction between the 6th and 13th centuries.

About Prof. Adam Hardy:

Prof. Adam Hardy is an architect and architectural historian, and professor of Asian Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. His Ph.D. focused on temples in Karnataka between the sixth and thirteenth centuries, his research interest lies in the history of South Asian architecture, especially that of the Indian temples, over a wide span of period. Hardy is one of the few architectural historians who has enquired into the phenomenon of the temple through ancient texts, using his sketches as a tool to analyze and explain. Hardy has always been interested in the relationship between theory and practice in architecture, and in 1996, to facilitate the integration of academic research with creative practice, he started PRASADA (Practice, Research, and Advancement in South Asian Design and Architecture).

Hardy is currently engaged in a number of projects across India, including designing a new temple in the Hoysala style of architecture in Karnataka. He has to his credit books such as Theory and Practice of Architecture in Medieval India: Bhoja’s Samaranganasutradhara and the Bhojpur Line Drawings, The Temple Architecture of India, The Temple in South Asia, Architectural History and the Studio, and Indian Temple Architecture: Form and Transformation: the Karṇāṭa Drāviḍa Tradition, 7th to 13th centuries.

Check out the informative speech video about the Evolution and Typology of Indian Hindu Temple Architecture by Prof. Adam Hardy.

Classification / Typology of Indian Temples


Evolution in Indian Temple Architecture

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