Museum for the man who knew infinity – Ramanujan Museum Royapuram, Chennai, India -Travel Guide, , Timings

ramanujan museum for math lovers & learners photo coverage


Museum for the man who knew infinity – Ramanujan Museum Royapuram, Chennai, India – Travel Guide, Timings (Updated)

– srinivasa ramanujan museum for math lovers & learners photo coverage

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Recently visited the Ramanujan Museum walk to commemorate the founding day of the Madras/Chennai city in Tamil Nadu. Srinivasa Ramanujan – The Man Who Knew Infinity, was one of the World’s greatest mathematical geniuses. Ramanujan had no formal training in pure mathematics, but he made great contributions to the analytical theory of numbers, infinite series and continued fractions, including solutions to mathematical problems which are considered unsolvable.

To honour this world renounced mathematical genius, Ramanujan Museum was established in 1993 in Chennai by Mr P.K. Srinivasan a Math educator who spent almost 25 years collecting the resources which celebrate Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life and massive contributions to the world of mathematicians. The museum was accommodated in the premises of the Avvai Cultural Academy, Royapuram, Chennai by Mr A. T. Bose who is currently head and leading the Ramanujan Museum along with its director Ms Meena Suresh.

To celebrate Ramanujan’s birthday on December 22nd, each year the Ramanujan Museum organizes an annual lecture by eminent mathematicians. The Centre also has programmes to spread awareness of mathematics among children.

This museum treasures the pictures, letters and documents focusing on the greatest mathematician of the 20th Century. We can find the exhibits of numerous Ramanujan memorabilia, including photographs of the Ramanujan’s home and family, Ramanujan’s horoscope, Ramanujan’s Mother Komalattammal, Ramanujan’s wife Janaki, Ramanujan’s early school/ Pachaiyappa’s College days, Awards he received during his school time, his days at Trinity College – Cambridge, Ramajuman’s three-part / volume notebooks, Ramanujan’s various mathematical models, formulas and theorems, Indian Mathematical Society supporters, Ramanujan’s postal stamp to commemorating his 75th Birth Anniversary, Ramanujan’s correspondence with friends, relatives, and colleagues, as well as his passport, Ramanujan’s handwritten job application for the post of a clerk at Madras Port Trust, Hardy’s replies to Ramanujan’s letters sent to him in early 1913. His supporters from early to last days, his handwritten letters and mathematical notebooks and much more Ramajuman’s exiting work to be seen live and direct at the Museum.

Their contact details – Phone number: 9444909262 / email id:

Our Ramanujan Museum visit was highly inspirational and informative to learn about the life and works of the great mastermind.

Travel tips for Ramanujan Museum, Chennai

Address: Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre,
15/9, Somu Chetty, 4th Lane, Royapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600013. India
Hours: 10 AM to 7.30 PM (All working days)
Phone: 044 2596 0877 / Email:

How to Reach to Ramanujan Museum :

On Road: Taxis, buses and hired cars are easy ways to get around
Nearest Railway Station: Chennai Central (Station Code MAS) and Chennai Egmore Railway station ( Station Code MS).
Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport (Code MAA).

Check out and enjoy our photo captures of Ramanujan Museum, Royapuram in Chennai.

Ramanujan’s House in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India


Ramanujan’s elder brother and Ramanujan’s family god

Ramanujan’s Mother Komalattammal


Ramanujan’s Horoscope 

Ramanujan’s bench outside his home where he did his early work on mathematics

Ramanujan’s Awards he received during his school time


Ramanujan’s passport

Ramanujan’s early school/ Pachaiyappa’s College

Ramanujan’s days at Trinity College – Cambridge

Ramajuman’s three part / volume notebooks


Ramanujan’s postal stamp to commemorating his 75th Birth Anniversary

Ramanujan’s handwritten job application for the post of clerk at Madras Port Trust    




Ramanujan’s wife Mrs. Janaki


Ramanujan’s various mathematical models, formulas and theorems


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